Remove Black Streaks from RV Exterior Trim and Decals Quickly and Safely

Black streaks on your boat, RV or trailer (especially your RV) are a frequent, inevitable and somewhat tough to remove nuisance. RVers, and RV dealers, have almost grown jaded towards cleaning products to remove black streaks. People have tried everything to remove their black streaks and stains: even a lot of chemicals that shouldn’t touch the exterior of your RV, or you for that matter. Thankfully we’ve found one that works and everyone that has used it comes to the same profound epiphany, “I’ve used every black streak remover on the market and none of them quite do the job 100%… until I found this!”

We’re talking about the black streak remover from Biokleen (Bio-Kleen Products) makers of environmentally safe cleaning products for nearly every industry, but specializing in marine, rv and snowmobile cleaning. We ran across some live demonstration video taken at an RV dealer interested in carrying the Biokleen products. Needless to say they are stocking the products today. The video is pretty good, though the gonzo filming is a little hard to watch. But it’s still not as impressive as seeing your worst black streak stains, even ones you’ve tried to clean with other cleaners, wipe off with ease with this cleaner.

First see the black streak remover easily remove the tough, set-in black stains on the white rubber trim found around all RV and camper windows, doors and hatches. This is a common problem area for removing black streaks on RVs and campers and this demonstration seems to really impress the prospective dealer in the background. Next they use the all purpose RV cleaner, Bio-Kleen Amazing Cleaner, to clean the dirt, grime and black streaks from a plastic hatch found on the camper.

In the next video see how the black streaks on the RV exterior are easily wiped away with the black streak remover. No brushes or water are used to assist in removing the black streaks, just spray the cleaner on and wipe clean with a towel. You can see the how black streak remover can safely clean the black streaks from vinyl decals, found on nearly all RVs and campers, with no damage.

The Bio-Kleen Black Streak Remover not only is the absolute best, quickest and most efficient black streak remover that we’ve found, but it’s also a great multi purpose cleaner and degreaser for your RV, camper, trailer and garage. Excellent for a number of household jobs: cleaning vinyl and aluminum siding, gutters and eves, engine and garage cleaning and degreasing, cleaning parts and tools and more. A great all around cleaner to have around the house and shop.

The Bio-Kleen Amazing Cleaner is also an extremely impressive cleaner and does a lot more than just clean camper hatches as seen in the video: it’s a great all purpose cleaner for your RV, boat, car or anywhere around the house or garage. It excels at cleaning and lifting up dirt and stains from vinyl, leather and fabrics. Not only will it remove exterior black streaks and grime from an RV as seen in this video, but it will remove the chalk residue on rubber RV roofs, cleans and removes mold and mildew stains and helps break down insect debris on the front of your vehicle.

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